ECU Performance Software (E46)


Price includes end user cable

Excludes shipping if applicable


Available are two stages of Performance Software:
Stage I is designed for lightly modified or stock vehicles without changes to the primary cats.
Stage II is tailored to vehicles that have changes to the primary cats – such as high flow cats, test pipe/catless, downpipes, etc..

Both stages include user selectable options:
• Selective mapping of throttle response in Normal and Sport modes
• Raised RPM redline to 8,100 or 8,200 RPM
• Top speed limiter raise or removal (Stock is 155mph)
• Elimination of cold start routine for quieter and smoother starts
• Cold Start Rev Limit warning light modifications to keep the engine healthy
• Suppression of the Increased Emissions warning for exhaust changes
• Sport Button Memory + Shift Lights for Manual Vehicles

Added benefits for race cars
• DME Reprogramming for Transmission Changes
• EWS and error deletes for using the S54 Engine in another chassis

Both stages include our standard changes:
• Vanos changes for optimal driveability characteristics and power delivery
• Part throttle ignition and full throttle ignition optimization for your octane
• Part fueling and full throttle fueling optimizations
• Optimization of torque management parameters

Performance gains:
• Stage II M3’s have been dyno’d with 40+ bhp gain

Ships with:
• Tuning cable
• USB to Mini-USB Cable
• Installation Guide
• Engine Software Download Links

Every tune includes:
• Tuning cable mated to your car
• Reprogrammed torque management parameters
• Reprogrammed Vanos control for maximum drivability
• Smoother engine operation
• Tuning software download link
• Installation Guide