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Feature coding (End user cable not included)


Feature coding (End user cable not included)


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Coding Features that are commonly activated on your vehicle are:

NAV Related
• CIC DVD/Media Cradle VIM ‐ DVD Video in Motion for Both DVD’s in the Player and with TV Shows/Movies loaded on the iPhone while using the media cradle
• No Accept Screen ‐ Disable the Navigation “Accept Screen”
• DSC OFF menu option – Enable DSC Off as a menu setting for M Drive Settings

Car Access Related
• Key Fob Mirror Fold‐ Fold Mirrors with Key fob locking or Comfort Access, Automatically retract mirrors when unlocking the car

• Convertible Top open/Close –Open or close the top and windows via the Key Fob
• Window Finish ‐ Allow windows to continue roll up or down with door Interruption (opening of door)
• Comfort Exit ‐ Doors automatically unlock if locked when the ignition is turned off (No more double pull to open the door)
• No Seatbelt Gong – No gong when the driver or the passenger seatbelt is not

Cluster/Controls Related
• Instant MPG ‐ Actual real‐time MPG reading on the cluster, cycles after the toggle of the Average MPG reading
• Efficient Dynamics Display ‐ Shows when you should shift up or down for best fuel economy (6MT only)
• Fuel Reserve Threshold – Lowered the Fuel Reserve Warning to 1/8th of a tank instead of ¼ (Can be altered in‐between as well for example 1/5th of Tank)
• Blinker Mod – Increase the number blinker flashes when touching the turn signal to the first unclicked lane change position, Default is 1x or 3x (Triple). Can be increased to 4x or greater
• Cluster Gong – stops the gong from indefinitely sounding with key in the ignition

HVAC Related
• Auto Start/Stop Memory – The Auto Start Stop button will retain and remember It’s last state

Wiper Related
• Wiper Completion – Windshield Wiper finishes its cycle when the ignition is turned off

Lighting Related
• Double Blink Hazards – Hazard lights will double blink when the ignition is turned on
• Brake Force Display – Brakes lights will flash under extreme braking when the ABS is activated
• Brighter Angel Eyes – Keep the angel eyes at full brightness with headlights on (removes the dimming)

Retrofit Coding
• LCI LED Taillights
• Factory Alarm
• M‐Drive (MDM)
• PDC – Front, Rear or Full
• Race Seats
• Performance Seats